Can your company afford a rollover?

“At a 5% profit margin, a fleet could have to generate over £5 million in revenue to pay for ONE fuel rollover accident”

Rollover & Anti-Skid Training

Duration: 1 Day course

This one-day course is based on a minimum of 6 drivers attending with a maximum of 12 drivers in total. The course is Jaupt approved and counts as 7 hours towards the 35-hour DCPC training if required. The course starts with a 2-hour classroom theory session which includes the following subjects:

– Introduction to the Training

– Transfer of Forces

– Braking

– Negotiating bends

– Rollover Theory session

After the theory session has finished the drivers are taken outside for the following practical training which is carried out using IRST’s training vehicles and includes the following exercises:

Rollover Exercise: The rollover vehicle is loaded to make the training as realistic as possible. Drivers carry out manoeuvres to show that rollover can happen at very slow speeds.

Anti-Skid Exercise: Each driver attempts several exercises with and without ABS. Each exercise starts at a slow speed which is increased after each practice run until a specified limit is reached.

rollover prevention

Drivers will experience up to 8 difference manoeuvring scenarios whilst undertaking the practical exercises.

Main objectives of the training are:

– Avoiding Vehicle Rollovers

– Anti-jack-knifing procedures

– Vehicle and driver safety awareness

– Anti-skid techniques and the correct use of ABS

– Hazard recognition and emergency driving procedures

– Experiencing ESP

– Correct truck handling techniques

– Lane change and 50/50

All exercises are carried out with and without ABS/EBS/ESP at normal road speeds

IRST provide anti-jackknife, anti-rollover and anti-skid training designed for qualified truck, HGV and LGV drivers

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