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A bit about us

Established truck anti rollover & skid training providers since 1994

IRST is the first UK training organisation to provide ‘hands on’ practical advanced driver training for qualified truck drivers. Since 1994 IRST has been offering programmes that specialise in emergency avoidance techniques for the prevention of ‘rollovers’ and ‘Jackknifing’
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IRST is proud to have trained over 15,000 drivers!

The training programme, supported by Goodyear Dunlop, Volvo and Haldex, has been running Europe-wide over the past 13 years and to date has successfully trained over 15,000 drivers read more…

Our high quality training is approved by JAUPT & ROSPA

Our training is aimed at the Road Transport Industry ranging from bulk carriers to double decker trailers (‘supercubes’). The training programme has been recognised by Road Haulage Tanker Group, Freight Transport Association, Ministry of Defence, Petro/Chemical Industry, Nuclear Industry and the Emergency Services read more…

Goodyear Dunlop, Volvo and Haldex support our informative training programme which has been running all across Europe for more than 13 years and to date has successfully trained in excess of 15,000 drivers.
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A Great Benefit!

I feel the course was of benefit to me and other road users and has no doubt made me a better driver.

A.G.Davies, Private

I will sing your praises in the industry whenever I get the chance and I know ICI and Hays Chemicals will to.

J Pennington, Suttons
Very Professional

I feel what you are doing is the way forward and hope more people are able to gain the knowledge that was so well presented to our divers.

D Spence, West Yorkshire Waste
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