IRST are an established HGV and truck anti rollover training course provider and have been helping drivers improve their skills since 1994. We are the first UK training organisation to provide hands on practical advanced driver training for qualified truck drivers. Our work is supported by Goodyear Dunlop, Volvo & Haldex and we are proud to have trained over 15,000 drivers around Europe over the years.

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We specialise in emergency avoidance techniques for the prevention of accidents and during the course we will teach you the most efficient techniques to avoid jackknifing and rollovers. IRST is the number one choice for road transport industry workers looking to expand their skills on their professional driving.

Why book an HGV anti-rollover course with IRST?

Studies show that rollovers are most commonly caused by taking a turn at speed, swerving to avoid a hazard, getting distracted, fatigue or an incorrectly loaded truck. Slowing down alone is not effective enough to prevent accidents; there have been rollover incidents that have happened at a recorded 19 mph. The best way to avoid them is to book a course with us here at IRST as our experienced instructors will teach you everything you need to know to minimise the chances of rolling over. Our aim is to make each client a better driver and to reduce their chances of being involved in an accident by improving their knowledge and skills. We want people to be aware of the hazards that are associated with failing to go through regular vehicle checks including tyre pressure, tread depth, brake balance and suspension.

We have been recognised for our excellent training program by major organisations including the Ministry of Defence, Road Haulage Tanker Group, Freight Transport Association, Petro/Chemical Industry, Nuclear Industry and the Emergency Services.

Get in contact with us to discuss your truck anti-rollover training requirements with our team of experts

To find out more about the range of truck and HGV anti-rollover and anti-skid training courses we run here at IRST, please call 01375 887 292 or email and we’d be happy to help.

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