We are proud to have provided truck & HGV drivers with quality anti-jackknifing, skid & rollover training for more than 23 years. Our courses will improve your knowledge and skills so that you and other road users’ are kept safe. To date, our team have already helped over 15,000 drivers get the training they need from the most experienced instructors. Established in 1994, IRST prides itself on offering an outstanding level of service and over the years we have gained a very positive reputation for the work we do.

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Experienced HGV jackknifing, rollover and skidding specialists

We are the UK’s first organisation to provide hands-on, practical advanced training to truck drivers and our unique programmes teach everything you need to know about jackknifing, skidding and rollovers. IRST is the number one choice for the road transport industry as we teach essential skills to professional drivers of bulk carriers, double decker trailers, trucks, HGVs, LGVs and more!

We provide skid, jackknife and rollover training for truck and lorry drivers

Learn about how to prevent rolling, jackknifing or skidding your truck in a memorable way so that you can carry forward what you learn into your daily work life with ease. A rollover is most commonly caused by a driver being distracted, fatigued, having an incorrectly loaded vehicle or having to swerve and avoid a hazard. Here at IRST we aim to make you a better driver and minimise the risk of our customers being involved in an accident involving a skid, rollover or jackknife. To keep your HGV in the best condition, ensure that you perform regular tyre pressure, tread depth, brake balance and suspension checks!

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HGV Truck Anti-Jackknifing Skid Rollover Training

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