At IRST we provide a range of high quality services and our HGV truck anti-skid training course is one of the best in the UK. We are long-established transport training providers with over 23 years of experience and during this time we have helped more than 15,000 drivers by giving them the best possible training in the business. The way we approach teaching gives our customers the confidence in their skills that will help keep them and others on the road safe.

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We are experienced specialists when it comes to running anti-skid training and skid prevention courses for truck and HGV drivers

We are the UK’s first organisation to provide hands-on, practical training for truck drivers. Our aim is to teach clients how to keep their vehicle under control and reduce the risk of skidding in both nominal and poor conditions. The techniques that we use will teach you how to effectively demonstrate how important it is to carry out correct emergency braking procedures, both with and without the use of ABS systems. With our anti-skid and anti-rollover training, clients learn the essential skills needed for driving a bulk carrier, double decker trailer, truck, HGV or LGV professionally.

IRST offer many different cost-efficient courses for truck drivers to choose from and there really is no better place to go as we are one of the most experienced, innovative companies in the UK. When you take part in HGV and truck anti-skid training by IRST, you have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how your vehicle behaves during a skid, learning how to control and recover from it in the process. This is essential knowledge for any professional truck driver and customers will carry forward everything they learn into their day-to-day work.

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HGV Truck Anti-Skid Training Course

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