IRST provide cost and time effective defensive truck driver training to all individuals. Our training will help you with maintaining your health and safety whilst driving your truck. We are a long established truck training provider established in 1994 with over 23 years of experience and throughout this time we have helped more than 15,000 drivers get the best quality training possible.

Why book defensive truck driver training with IRST?

Here at IRST we will teach you everything you need to know and our team will teach you through an advanced, hands-on approach to give you the confidence to perform tasks on the job during your travelling time. We use only the best possible driving instructors to make sure that you receive appropriate training. In general, we advise you to plan your journey before starting to drive; this will reduce the disruptions you have whilst driving. You should also check tyre pressure regularly and switch off the engine in traffic jams to reduce over-heating.

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Our training sessions are perfect for clients looking for a cost-effective course. We pride ourselves on carrying out a service that is professional and our professionals are capable of providing clients with the knowledge they will need to keep safety levels as high as possible.

We are an established provider of truck anti rollover & skid training and IRST is proud to be the first UK training organisation to provide ‘hands on’ practical advanced driver training for qualified truck drivers. Clients are offered a range of specially designed programs that specialise in emergency avoidance techniques as well as Driver Assessment, ABS Overview. Defensive Driver Training (LGV & Cars) and Economy Fuel Driving.

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Defensive Truck Driver Training

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