IRST is providing the best economy fuel driving course in the UK. We are a long-established truck driver advanced training provider that has helped more than 15,000 drivers get the best quality training possible.

What is ‘Economy Fuel Driving’?

The ‘Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving’ (SAFED) standard has been designed as a single standard aimed at improving the safe and fuel-efficient driving techniques of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers. The SAFED training programme has been developed specifically to enable both vehicle operators and training providers to implement driver training within the road freight industry. It provides training and development for existing HGV drivers through instruction relating to vehicle craft and road craft. We are a well-known training provider that is recognised by the Road Haulage Tanker Group, Freight Transport Association, Ministry of Defence, Petro/Chemical Industry, Nuclear Industry and Emergency Services.

hgv economy Fuel Driving training course

IRST is an established HGV driver training organisation with years of economy fuel training experience

IRST has been working with drivers for over 23 years and we are the first UK training organisation to provide such a high level of practical advanced training for qualified truck drivers. You can trust our experienced team to offer a range of specially designed programs that specialise in emergency avoidance techniques. This prevents ‘rollovers’ and ‘jackknifing’ and such techniques demonstrate the importance of correct emergency braking with the use of ABS systems.

How do HGV drivers train for economy fuel driving?

Ideally, training should be performed in a candidate’s own (or usual) vehicle. If this is not possible, the training provider will arrange for a similar vehicle to be available when a course is booked. Some candidates will benefit from training in a laden vehicle, but this is not essential.

REMEMBER: The Driver has the single biggest impact on both fuel consumption and safety.

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