Slow Speed Manoeuvering

Duration: Half-Day course

Parking reversing and slow speed manoeuvring collisions are some of the most common accidents experienced by drivers. IRST training can help prevent these types of accidents, by improving driver awareness, education and improving low speed manoeuvring skills. Avoiding unnecessary collisions will help maintain your business safety record, keep your insurance premiums more stable and your vehicles in service for longer.

The highest proportion of insurance claims involve slow manoeuvering at less than 20mph

This course can be added to the 1 Day Rollover & Anti-Skid Training Course

Train with IRST’s approved, recognised slow speed maneuvering course providers

IRST was established in 1994 and over the last 23 years we have been delivering unique slow speed maneuvering training programs that are specially designed to improve HGV drivers’ knowledge. With our safety training you will learn a lot from our team, such as avoiding rollovers and jackknifing, as we specialise in teaching essential emergency avoidance techniques.

Our slow speed manoeuvring training will help you with becoming a lot more careful and aware when driving in your truck or HGV. We have an experienced team of qualified staff who provide hands-on, practical driver training for qualified truck drivers. Our informative training sessions are aimed at bulk carriers, double decker trailers and just about anyone in the Road Transport Industry who wants to learn how to keep their vehicle stable. Our training is essential knowledge for any professional truck driver and clients will carry forward everything they learn into their day-to-day work.

Slow Speed Manoeuvring Training

Every year qualified truck drivers come to IRST for slow speed maneuvering and transport training – 15,000 and counting to date! Our course which runs Europe-wide is supported by Goodyear, Dunlop, Volvo & Haldex and is recognised by the Road Haulage Tanker Group, Freight Transport Association, Ministry of Defence, Petro/Chemical Industry, Nuclear Industry & Emergency Services. Both JAUPT & ROSPA have both given us approval for our training.

We have designed our services to be suitable for any budget and whatever your objectives may be, our experienced team is here to assist you and ensure you get the most out of our lessons.

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We pride ourselves on delivering innovative training and team building solutions by combining our knowledge and experience in this industry. To get in contact with our team of specialists call us on 01375 887 292 or email for more information.

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