Our Safe and Fuel Efficient Driver (SAFED) training course benefits truck/HGV/LGV drivers, operators, organisations and the environment. You will learn how to drive in a more fuel efficient way, improving safety levels in the process and increasing Miles Per Gallon.

For the duration of the course, clients will train in either their usual vehicle or one that is very similar so that they can carry the skills they learn forward into their day-to-day work. Your driving is assessed before training begins and you will then be tested to see how much you have improved; it is important to understand both the theory and practical sides of SAFED.

Truck/HGV/LGV SAFED Training Course

What are the benefits of SAFED training for truck drivers?

As a truck, HGV or LGV driver you will benefit from taking our SAFED course both professionally and personally. Qualified drivers are more of an asset to employers and feel more confident in their control of the vehicle. Operators also find that our course has many advantages since less money goes towards fuel costs and productivity is greatly increased among their HGV drivers. By actively driving in a more fuel efficient way, harmful emissions are reduced and the chance of accidents or incidents is kept lower.

Thousands of drivers have been trained by our instructors, who are the best in the business and pride themselves on delivering courses which both inform and inspire their students. IRST is the first driver training organisation of its kind, offering cost-effective, advanced, hands-on and practical courses to clients nationwide. There are many other transport training options available to choose from – we specialise in anti-skid, rollover and jackknifing techniques which demonstrate the importance of correct emergency braking with the use of ABS systems.

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