Driver Assessment

Our expert team are looking to provide clients with complete driver assessment services. IRST was established in 1994 and during the last 23 years we have been delivering unique training programs. Our team has gained a great amount of knowledge relating to how clients can improve their truck driving knowledge and skills. It is important to have a significant amount of training when it comes to driving, especially when it is part of your job.

Bad driving habits develop quickly and they will remain a problem unless you are told that they are wrong. Our team here at IRST will monitor you driving around and note everything we believe you could improve upon. We make sure that clients’ expectations are excelled and not only will our service increase your safety level inside your vehicle, it will also save you money.

Driver assessment reduces the negative impact of badly trained drivers

If you are in a company vehicle and you are seen driving badly, you could be reported and this may affect your job, as you are representing the company you work for. The consequences financially are direct and indirect and could run into thousands. We can prevent this by providing a list of ways you can improve your driving skills after we have observed you driving.

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Advanced driving courses by IRST, the driver assessment specialists

From the perspective of fuel costs, the impact of good and bad drivers can vary as much as 25%. The challenge for us is finding ways to improve the driver’s knowledge and driving capabilities. We have many services that could improve your driving; these include ABS Overview, Defensive Driver Training, Economy Fuel Driving, Truck Rollover Courses and Truck Skid Training.

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