ABS Overview

ABS is now increasingly common; however few drivers have ever been given the chance to learn about its true value. ABS is considered, quite rightly, to be a valuable addition to the overall safety of both driver and vehicle but beyond this assumption it rarely warrants more thought. Advancements technologically mean that new vehicles are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Therefore the driver is able to do the more complex manoeuvres with a vehicle if the driver has been trained accordingly. They can also reduce the chances of you landing in hazardous situations if you know how to use them.


This is where instruction from an expert driver training organisation such as IRST will be invaluable to prevent any amount of confusion with regard to the latest technologies. We have the knowledge and the team to provide you knowledgeable training to increase the amount you will optimise these specs on your vehicle. IRST specialise in training programs helping drivers understand various ABS systems (automatic and manual gearing) and react accordingly in emergency situations. We have years of experience providing training to many people, we established in 1994 and have supplied more than 15,000 drivers with training courses for specific licenses.

The different types of ABS systems:

There have been many different types of advancement technological systems that have been added to cars over the years, these include:

  • ABS: Anti-lock Brake System.
  • TC: Traction Control.
  • ESP: Electronic Stability Program, an electronic system that stabilises the vehicle and counteracts skidding.
  • TBA: Trailer Brake Adaption. This system ensures that the braking force of the truck and trailer interact so that no brakes are overused, making the braking combination more stable.
  • EBA: Emergency Brake Assist. Assists the driver in emergency braking situations.

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