IRST prides itself on delivering the best driver safety training courses and we have over 23 years of industry experience behind us. Our unique, practical approach to transport training has gained our team UK-wide recognition for the inspiring courses we run. We offer cost and time effective JAUPT and ROSPA approved training solutions that are tailored to your requirements. An important part of road safety is understanding emergency avoidance techniques which help with the prevention of skids, rollovers and jackknifing.

Here are some useful road safety terms:

ABS: Anti-lock Brake System. Prevents wheels from locking when braking.

EBS: Electronic Braking Systems. Prevents wheels from locking when braking.

TC: Traction Control prevents one wheel from spinning when starting off.

ESP: Electronic Stability Programme. This stabilises the vehicle and counteracts skidding and overturning

TBA: Trailer Brake Adaptation. This system ensures that the braking force of the truck and trailer interact so that no brakes are overused.

EBA: Emergency Brake Assist. Assists the driver with braking in an emergency braking situation

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Advanced driver safety training solutions

Our team specialises in advanced road safety training that designed to improve the skills and knowledge of truck and LGV/HGV drivers. We offer hands-on courses and over years our team of knowledgeable instructors have trained over 15,000 drivers. Every aspect of your course will be covered in detail at a pace that suits you and we are on hand if you need assistance at any time.

Since 1994, IRST have been offering truck anti-rollover and skid training to drivers in the UK, helping them reduce risks whilst out on the road. Our innovative training programme which has been running Europe-wide over the past 13 years is supported by Goodyear Dunlop, Volvo and Haldex,

IRST provide high quality driver safety courses

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