IRST is an established provider of advanced truck, HGV and LGV driver training with more than 23 years of industry experience. We specialise in teaching drivers anti-roll and anti-skid techniques using a ‘hands on’ approach that makes us stand out from the rest. As the first training organisation of its kind in the UK, IRST prides itself on the effective, practical courses that have helped thousands of drivers gain their qualification.

Learning essential emergency avoidance techniques under the guidance of our qualified and highly skilled instructors will reduce the risk of jack-knifing; keeping you and other road users safe is our top priority! Aimed at anyone in the Road Transport Industry, including bulk carrier and double decker trailer drivers, our programme is recognised by the Road Haulage Tanker Group, Freight Transport Association, Ministry of Defence, Petro/Chemical Industry, Nuclear Industry and the Emergency Services.

Advanced Truck, HGV & LGV Driver Training Braintree

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We offer a range of courses for qualified truck drivers including ABS overview, defensive driver training (LGV & Cars), Driver CPC training, slow speed manoeuvring training, driver assessment and economy fuel driving. When it comes to training and team building, few are as experienced or innovative as IRST. Each course is tailored to your needs, objectives and budget so you can rest assured you get the best possible service from Braintree’s leading driver training providers.

Since 1994, we have been running advanced driver training courses that show just how important correct emergency braking, with and without the use of ABS systems, really is. Approved by JAUPT, ROSPA and the relevant groups and associations, our courses are specially designed to be both informative and affordable.

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